We are proud to offer a scholarship program as part of our flagship Music Writing classes.

Our mission is to make music accessible to as many people as possible, to help kids discover and develop their passion for music whatever that turns out to be.

Every Music Writing class will offer one place fees free for the term to a qualifying child. To qualify, families need to hold a current Community Services Card.

Your child will be asked to write a sentence or two about why they would like to attend the class.

Successful applicants will be awarded one term only of fees free classes. Unsuccessful applicants will be able to resubmit to the ballot an unlimited number of times.

Experiment with music!

We hope to make a pursuit of music possible for more children in our community.

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If you would like to apply for a scholarship place or for more information, please leave your email address below.

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For any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch
Mariah Brunt 027 410 8834


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